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The Library of the Department covers all the educational and informational needs and supports research activities (among which, the thesis elaborations) for students and professors. The Library is accessible to students, professors and visitors.

Library provides free internet access (there are 80 PCs), as well as collaboration with all TEI & Universities’ Libraries where informational material for the needs of students and professors is provided. Apart from its online link to the most popular databases, our Library also provides at least 900 titles of books of all subjects relating to all departments of the TEI of Ionian Islands.

The Library is also operating as a lending one provided that you are holder of the membership card. The acquisition of the membership card is free and is obtained upon application from the library staff. Membership card can have all the members of the academic community of the TEI of Ionian Islands (students, teaching and administrative staff), as well as citizens who wish it for upon request.