The Secretariat of the Department provides secretarial and administrative support to all matters within the competence of the Department. The Secretariat reports directly to the General Secretariat of the TEI of Ionian Islands. Specifically, the responsibilities are to:

• Keep the Protocol Services of the Department.
• Keep the correspondence of the Department.
• Ensure the coordination of educational activities on issues relating to the curriculum, carrying out examinations etc.
• Keep up the procedures regarding records transfers and qualifying examinations.
• Issues the necessary certificates and certificates of students’ status.
• Arrange for disposal procedures educational aid to students.
• Keep the minutes of the Department.
• Keep records of students and graduates.
• Keep records of scientific and educational activity members of the educational staff.
• In collaboration with the General Secretariat, to proceed to the reorganization of the administrative procedures for an even more effective operation of the Administration.

Secretariat Department of Food Technology
Tel: +30 26710 27101
Fax: +30 26710 27102

Address of the Department
Vergoti's Avenue
28100, Argostoli