Placements form an integral part of the curriculum that the students of TEI have to realize in order to graduate. Placements are very important because they connect directly the theoretical and laboratory training acquired by the students during their studies by applying them in the working environment and for this reason placements are a crucial component for the graduates’ complete education.

Entitled to the PLACEMENT are the students who:
• Are in the 8th semester
• Have completed successfully 2/ 3 of the courses and
• Have completed successfully at least four (4) specialty courses

Six (6) months

Places where placements can take place:
The 2007-2013 NSRF and the Operational Program "Education and Lifelong Learning" finance the students’ placements.

Placements can take place in both public and private sector. Students are given the option to choose from the list of the participating companies and organizations that the Department provides them or to suggest themselves the job posts that they would like to occupy.
In this case, the Placements’ Committee, after checking the suitability of the company, gives the job post to the candidate.

Application process:
The eligible candidate for the placement applies for it at the Secretariat of the Department. The Placements’ Committee checks if the student qualifies and will finally allow him/her to occupy the existing position after assessing his/her application.

Obligations and Rights:
While at the working environment, the student is obliged to comply with the working hours of the company or the Service, the safety regulations and anything that applies to the personnel of the company or of the Service.

When the student does not comply with the above-mentioned, the supervisor and the Committee are being informed in order to comply.

Should this happen again, the company or Service may unilaterally terminate the agreement and consequently the student’s employment. Then, the student will have to repeat the same process in order to find a new position for his/her placement.

During the placement the students, apart from the compensation and insurance against occupational hazards, have no other right of work or retirement.

During the six-month placement the student may be justifiably absent 5 days in total for serious reasons only. The absences are being recorded in the Book of Placements, initialed and signed by the teaching supervisor.

Actions from the part of the student:
1. The student will search and find the entity where he will carry out the placement: a) either through the Placement Office (from the list of the associated companies) or through the Career Office of the Institute, or b) by himself.

2. The student comes to an agreement with the company with his own initiative.

3. The student will submit to the PLACEMENTS’ COMMITTEE of the Department - to the Secretariat – the APPLICATION FORM FOR PLACEMENT. (DOCUMENT E01)

4. The student who meets the requirements can depart for the company and requests from the Secretariat the:
* Certificate of approval of placements (DOCUMENT E02 )
* Certificate of acceptance (DOCUMENT E03)

5. The student submits the certificate of approval of Placements to the company who wishes to employ him and the company gives to him the certificate of acceptance (DOCUMENT E03). He hands it over to the Secretariat and the Secretariat notifies the PLACEMENTS’ COMMITTEE.

6. Before placement, the student asks from the Secretariat of the Department:
* Four (4) employment contracts (DOCUMENT E05)
* The Certificate of Placement from the Placements’ Committee (DOCUMENT E04)
* The Student Booklet
* The Assessment Questionnaire for the company (DOCUMENT C)
* The Assessment Questionnaire for the student (DOCUMENT A)
* The Practice Guide

7. During the placement, the student must daily complete the Book of Placements regarding the subject on which he had been working. He must also complete the corresponding calendar and must cooperate with the supervisor of the company/organization, as well as with his teaching supervisor providing relevant information on the course of his/her placement.

8. After the six-month placement ends, the student must submit to the Secretariat of the Department the following documents in order to validate his/her practice:
* The application to the PLACEMENTS’ COMMITTEE in order to validate his placement. (DOCUMENT E06)
* The Book of Placements completed and signed by the student, the teaching supervisor and the work supervisor who should be at least a TEI graduate and in a similar object to the student’s studies specialization at TEI.
* The extract of the student’s personal insurance (or a certificate from the employer validated by the Social Security Institute (IKA)).
* The Certificate from the Service stating the purpose and the duration of the student’s employment.
* The completed questionnaires by the head of the company and himself.