Students’ residence in Argostoli is supported by the Department. Students have the right to be granted the rent they pay. The conditions for receiving the allowance are the following (Government Gazette 580B/2005):

• University attendance
• A timely submission of the application
• Students’ nationality
• Tenancy agreement
• Tax return of the current year.

Medical Services
(According to the No.185/84, Government Gazette 61/8.5.84 A’ Presidential Decree)

The students of the TEI and those who are not insured with another major insurer are eligible for free medical examination, hospital, pharmacy and dental care, investigations, physiotherapy, optical and orthopedics and even childbirth grant for students who may give birth. These benefits are offered to students by doctors contracted with the Greek State, from public or private hospitals within the territory of TEI and for those students who are studying away from home or even from TEI due to educational reasons, by doctors or hospitals abroad, in case of emergency, as well.

Student Association
The students of the Department have formed a student club. The activities of the student club include the students’ representation at the Department's administration, record and claiming of the students’ rights, the realization of educational, cultural and social activities and support the freshmen.

Meal card
In order to obtain the meal card it is necessary to apply at the Secretariats of each Department. The following documents are required:

• A certificate of marital status.
• A photocopy of the identity card.
• A certified copy of the current year tax return.
• Two (2) photographs.
• A declaration of honor stating that they have no residence in the prefecture of Cephalonia.

For the accurate and updated list of certificates, the students should address to the Secretariat of the Department.

The Department supports and fosters sporting activities within the framework of the University sport spirit in which students can participate for free. The trainers of the Department undertake the training, counseling and integration of students into sports activities. The trainings, workouts and exercises mainly take place at the premises of the sports clubs in the municipality of Argostoli.
Registrations are submitted to the Secretariat.